Owen shook his head, “Naw, I’m an author, I don’t think I could do it as a profession. I can follow a recipe well enough, but actually throwing things together to make something amazing? Don’t think I could.” He nodded quietly when Connor made a remark about rehabilitation. He understood a little about it, not much, but enough. “I don’t know about that, fried chicken does taste pretty good.” Owen joked, following Connor to the eggplants. Eggplants was not something Owen cooked very often, or something he particularly liked eating.


"It’s chicken for me. Easy to cook, hard to stuff up. Well at least, in my experience." Beef was hard for Owen to get right. He had to follow everything to a T before it tasted right to him. "Lasagne would be my favourite dish to make. At least, it’s my favourite dish to eat. I did stop by a Korean barbeque place the other day and the dishes are marvelous so I might try some of them."

"Fiction or non-fiction?" Connor asked absent-mindedly, blue eyes focused more on the produce than the man next to him, though he was still listening. "Well, it only takes practice — but I suppose if it’s merely a hobby, simply being able to follow a recipe will suffice," Connor hadn’t really needed to follow a recipe in ages; most of his dishes got thrown together at random, based on what he knew worked well together qua flavor — and he had a pretty enthousiastic taster to give him feedback, even if most of the time if was drenched in snark and sarcasm. "It does; but not if you’ve had it five days in a row," A soft snort left his mouth as he selected his egg-plant and gave Owen a long suffering look. "He keeps telling me it’s to get back to his roots since he’s from the South, but I’m quite sure he’s just eager to see how long he can keep it up for before I try beating him to death with a chicken."

There was an undercurrent of fondness to his tone he was hard-pressed to hide. Owen was practically a stranger anyway, not like it mattered much; he didn’t look the type to start using it against Connor, in any case.

"What’s the name of this barbecue? I don’t think I’ve been there m’self," Finding new places was always a good thing — fortunately London kept on expanding, otherwise Connor would’ve gotten bored pretty early on, always needing to go to the same restaurants over again if he didn’t feel like standing in a kitchen.

Throwing a look into his basket once he’d selected most items he needed, he threw a look at the other. “I’ve got about everything I need. You good?”

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It’s a shame how it always seems to work out that way..


A tiny difference, perhaps. Glad to hear that though. Too many criminals running around but if there wasn’t, I’d probably be teaching people how to surf. Actually, that doesn’t sound half bad.

I don’t see why I couldn’t try it - unless you’re insinuating I can’t afford quality.

Not much of a surprise, though, unfortunately. Rich and powerful does it, no?

Ah, but what would the world be without a little chaos once in a while. A bit dull, I reckon. Though arguably, giving surf lessons doesn’t sound like too much of a bad thing, no.

Yes, that is exactly what I’m insinuating, because I’m just that much of an arse — I’m actually insinuating it’s little food for a lot of money, so if you like eating, it’ll probably not satisfy completely, despite it being good quality.


I hold a similar philosophy to that so it’s sort of like survival of the fittest.


I said FBI, not the mob but we’re all over the place, for one reason or another. A handyman huh? Interesting, but no. Keep your nose out of major trouble and our paths are unlikely to cross again. The place you cook - any good?

Yet you still see the most idiotic twats in positions of power; it’s been a year and no culprit yet, hm? Same with whoever decided to bomb London Bridge, or the tube. 

Oh, there’s a difference? Or perhaps I’m just confusing you with your intelligence services. Who bloody knows anymore in this day and age. Nah, mate, I try and keep out of all that, no major trouble from me, I promise.

Why, you want to try it out? It’s quite fancy, so I’d say so. Quality has to reflect the price and all that.


I don’t understand the fascination of everyone wanting to get shit on camera, I mean, you’re right there are you not? 


I work for the government, specifically the FBI. Yourself?

Besides, even if they’d want to show it to someone who wasn’t, there’s always the news? So it beats me, to be honest. I’ve got no sympathy if any of those dumb idiots get hurt. Serves ‘em right.


Well, shite, what’s the FBI doin’ in London of all places? Or is this a case of, if you tell me, you’re going to have to kill me? I’m a part time chef, but I run a sort of independent freelance business where I do different types of small jobs for people, which they don’t feel like doing themselves. A bit of a handyman, as it were. But that’s mostly off the books — you’re not going to arrest me now, are you? Hah.


So far it hasn’t been. It’s a beautiful city even though it’s a far cry from what I’m used to. So I’ve heard. Nothing like an explosion to disrupt the flow of the day to day routine. 


Not necessarily but I have a shit load of unused vacation time racked up so it’ll be a nice change of pace. 

I was closeby when Parliament when up in flames and there were fireworks and everything; people thought New Year’s was early. That didn’t last long. Soon everyone was running around like lost sheep — except for those dumb bastards that stuck around to get it on camera.

Fair enough, mate. What do you do?


I figured as much but a good drink could make even the shittiest of places a bit more bearable. Landon, you are?


Work, unfortunately. After this, I’m taking a nice, long vacation somewhere. 

Well, I’m sure London won’t be that disappointing. I was born in this city and still haven’t seen everything, I’m sure. Plus, every few months, something seems to blow up. 


That bad, huh? 


I think that’s more within my wheelhouse. After that, how about we grab a beer? I’m already pretty damn parched. 


I can sure do that, mate. You haven’t truly experienced London until you’ve gone to a pub, after all. Never did catch your name, by the way. 

What brings you to London, if you don’t mind me asking?


I’ll be sure to do that.


I’m not a real big fan of Indian food, to be honest. Suppose I’m more vanilla when it comes to food so maybe something a little less adventurous would do just fine.

Well then, how about we go for the good ole’ British classic and get you to a fish and chips stand? Something different, yet not too adventurous by your standards.

Track Title: Hideaway

Artist: Kiesza

Album: Hideaway - EP


Kiesza - Hideaway

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