Texts | Skyler ⇄ Connor
  • Skyler: Yeah. Interested?
  • Connor: Might be in the future. I'll keep your number at hand in case I need that expertise.
Texts | Skyler ⇄ Connor
  • Skyler: Elton John, full of surprises... But I hope I'm not good for those.
  • Connor: That remains to be seen. Tech support, you said?
Texts | Skyler ⇄ Connor
  • Skyler: In case you need tech support in this sick city, you have Elton's number.
  • Connor: And here I was, thinking you were only good for looking like a walking fashion disaster and singing cheesy songs. Good to know.
Texts | Skyler ⇄ Connor
  • Skyler: Any other guy Sting's after? I don't know.
  • Skyler: That it's safer to leave me among lions and hyenas.
  • Connor: Welcome to London, I suppose.
Texts | Skyler ⇄ Connor
  • Skyler: Gtk I still take breaths and make moves at least...
  • Skyler: I'm Elton John, can you feel the love tonight?
  • Connor: As opposed to?
  • Connor: Whatever would your husband say, if he saw you propositioning some random bloke, hm?
Texts | Skyler ⇄ Connor
  • Skyler: Don't write such things...
  • Skyler: No, which is a good thing since you weren't lying. Now I'm glad you're not Julie.
  • Connor: Every breath you take, mate. Every move you make.
  • Connor: And I still don't know who you are.
Texts | Skyler ⇄ Connor
  • Skyler: Like hell I am. Maybe of Sting, just a bit.
  • Skyler: Fuck you're serious. I thought you're a kid fuckin with me.
  • Connor: Smart man. Well, he is watching you, apparently.
  • Connor: Had some interesting finds?
Texts | Skyler ⇄ Connor
  • Skyler: I told ya; I'm not gonna save that number so don't make up stories. You ain't afraid the police might see those texts?
  • Connor: Afraid of the police in London? You're funny.
Texts | Skyler ⇄ Connor
  • Skyler: I hope not, I don't need more freaks
  • Skyler: What are you, a nanny? And I don't save random numbers.
  • Connor: No.
  • Connor: I meant taking care of someone in the meaning of killing them
Texts | Skyler ⇄ Connor
  • Skyler: Fuck I knew it, not even close? Not important if it's just a mistake. Maybe it's an old number or sth, sorry.
  • Connor: Unless Julie recently decided to grow a dick, then no.
  • Connor: And unless you want someone taken care of, I suggest you erase my number.